Upside Down Justice Tarot Card

At some point along the way, readers decided that if “fate” dealt a card reversed, it must be important. The justice tarot card is a symbol of truth, fairness, and law.

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The tradition of reading cards reversed is a practical one:

Upside down justice tarot card. They are wearing boots and one foot is tied with a rope to the tree. When this card makes an appearance during a tarot reading, you likely feel as though things are unfair in your life at the moment. Justice tarot card meanings justice tarot card description.

Justice is quite clear in this instance. The justice tarot card description. 11 is a master number, and it is associated with idealism and visionary states.

There may be serious conflicts regarding. The justice tarot card indicates fair decisions, balance in thought and action, perfection, truth, and legal affairs. Just as a judge is known for being just and fair, the justice reversed card is a clear representation of injustice.

Whether reversed or upright, justice deals with the idea of karma and the law of cause and effect, stating that all events, and all people, are connected. Meaning of the justice tarot card. In a reading, it’s a sign that if you judge a situation objectively and weigh your choices carefully, you’ll be able to give yourself what you deserve.

To be neutral, to act objectively and fairly, to settle disputes. The figure of justice sits in front of a loosely hung purple veil, signifying compassion, and between two pillars, similar to those framing the high priestess and the hierophant, which symbolise balance, law and structure. The justice encapsulates fairness, justness, and balance.

The standard modern tarot deck is based on the venetian or the piedmontese tarot. Reversed it is injustice. unfairness, imbalance. If you have been caught out in a lie, don’t try to justify it or lie your way out of it.

Unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty justice description. As above, so below get the 411 on what may be upside down in your world and calling out to you for assistance in this moment. Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law reversed:

How many tarot cards are there? The justice is ruled by the zodiac sign of libra in astrology and denotes justice, right, and weighing the scales. As she sits in her chair, the scales in her left hand represent how intuition should balance logic.

The numbers of the tarot cards have deep metaphysical significance. Justice reversed tarot card meaning. What is the 11 card in tarot?

They have their arms crossed in front of their upper body and their left leg bent over the right. The law remained the protagonist of the justice tarot card even when it is presented upside down, but, in this case, the results do not look too comforting. Sometimes the cards appear upside down.

The number 11 can also be seen as 1+1=2, and as we have seen in the high priestess tarot card, 2 is the number of duality. Upright, justice is all about creating a balance, legalities, fairness. Not everything you are dealing with, however, is a direct result of your own actions or karma.

The justice tarot card reversed can also indicate dishonesty. The justice tarot card is a trump card or the major arcana of most of the traditional tarot decks. Justice is a major arcana tarot card, numbered either viii or xi, depending on the deck.

Just confess, accept the consequences and try to draw a line under it. This could be a legal trial, or the suffering of injustices it heralds a complicated situation, a period of darkness where everything will seem impossible. When the justice card lands in the upright position it predicts success regarding legal matters, such as documents, contracts or court cases.

The justice card is carried out between two weeks and three months; While this may purely be your perception, it is just as likely to be true. The clarity in thought which is required to dispense justice are.

The upside of upside down. Its influence is prolonged and very strong (even a year and a half). This card is used in game playing as well as in divination.

They can make or damage you often times what happens. The justice tarot card is the eleventh card of major arcana, it is associated with the zodiac sign libra, planet venus and its numerological number is 8.the figure of justice sits before an approximately hung purple shroud, meaning sympathy, and between two columns, like those confining the high priestess and the hierophant, which. Down the rabbit hole we go a little deeper for extra clarification on what is upside down at this moment.

The most obvious interpretation would be to choose the opposite of the regular meaning. It involves the ability to split, cut back, share. June 17, 2021 by coolastro.

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