Sim Card Status Code 900

In this arduino mobile phone project, we have used arduino uno to control whole system’s features and interfacing all the components in this system. However, micro sim (3ff form factor) and nano sim (4ff form factor) can also be plugged in so long as the sim contacts touch the cardholder pins properly.

Lenovo A606 4GB, 5.0 inch 4G Android 4.4 Smart Phone

The uart pins should be cross connected, ie.

Sim card status code 900. Ttl pins can be seen just behind the 9 pin db9 connector. The module offers gprs/gsm technology for communication with the uses of a mobile sim. Go to (use the link in parts list to get some bill credits) select byod as you have your device!

I should note that the sim card needs no pin, has charge, and works in a functioning phone. This is a magic status code that we use to signal that something wrong happened with the request that was so bad that we didn't even got a response back from the server. Power up the sim900a by connecting it to arduino's 5v and gnd pins.

Ensure you have coverage on a gsm 850 mhz, gsm 900 mhz, dcs 1800 mhz or pcs 1900 mhz network. The gsm module will take some time to establish connection with mobile network. The most common status values are:

Most of the modems have sim cardholders for mini sim (2ff form factor). Connect the antenna (picture 4) 4. Gsm module is used to communicate with the network for calling.

Enter *2767*688# or #*7337# a300/ a400 / a800 *2767*637# s100 / s300 / v200 / v205 / e710 / e715 / d410 / x426/ *2767*7822573738# try this if above code fails: Built in sim card holder. Check registered sim cards on your iqama through your sim card.

(picture 1 and 2) 2. Upload the following code to arduino and open the serial monitor. Connect a 12v/9v 1a adapter to the power jack provided on the gsm modem.

By observing these leds you can get a visual feedback on whats going on with the shield. By gsm we mean 2g. The pin was entered or no pin is required.

This document contains proprietary technical information which is the property of shanghai simcom wireless solutions ltd, copying of this document and giving it to others and the using or A 4×4 alphanumeric keypad is used for taking all kind of inputs like: In this case the request timed out (more than 30 seconds to return any bytes).

Getting started with at command. The integrated circuit card identifier (iccid) for the sim card. Make the ground common between arduino and gsm modem.

Make sure to use a normal sim card (micro or nano sim cards are not supported) connect the gsm modem to the usb2serial hardware via db9 connector. Sim900a gsm module is the smallest and cheapest module for gprs/gsm communication. 1.) insert sim card 2.) type #9998*3323# if it display wrong card 3.)press exit.

The modem is similar to a mobile phone and requires a sim card to connect with a cellular network. Before getting started with your sim900 gsm gprs module, you need to consider some aspects about the sim card and the shield power supply. Then using a usb a to b cable connect to the computer.

Now wait for some time (say 1 minute) and see the blinking rate of ‘status led’ or ‘network led’ (d6, refer picture 5) //gsm module will take some time to establish connection with mobile network// 5. This value is the serial number of the sim card. We are using a 1.8v sim card, and the odd thing is that when we probe pin 30 of sim900, which is sim_vdd, we see 1.2v.

There are three leds on the sim900 gsm/gprs shield which indicates connectivity or power status. Enter the imei number as written on the top of your sim900 chip. For sawa, stc users write 9988 and send an sms to 900 to check how many sims are registered on your iqama.

The code is tested with sim900a and arduino uno. Connect the tx and rx pins of arduino pins to rx and tx pins of gsm modem. Insert your sim card to gsm module and lock it.

The module is controlled by at command via serial port, here we use arduino as usb to serial tool. 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 mhz built in rs232 level converter (max3232) configurable baud rate sma connector with gsm l type antenna. The following connections have been made, (following which the gsm module was able to connect to the network (led blinking 3 times)).

It uses a 900 and 1800mhz frequency band and allows users to receive/send mobile calls and sms. Enter mobile number, type messages, make a call, receive a call, send sms, read sms etc. Audio interface connector most status & controlling pins are available at connector

Hello, i am trying to connect sim800l to my pc via a usb to serial converter. It is common with arduino and microcontroller in most of embedded application. There area many possible status values.

Built in network status led inbuilt powerful tcp/ip protocol stack for internet data transfer over gprs. Now wait for some time (say 1 minute) and make note of the blinking rate of ‘status led’ or ‘network led’ (d6). As mentioned earlier, ting is a good low cost provider of the sim card and gsm service for the sim900 card.

Sim pin status gsm indicates the lock status of the sim. In order to check how many registered sims are on your iqama id number, send a message on the following number according to your service connection. Insert your sim card to gsm module and lock it.

Firstly insert the sim card in the sim holder. I don't know where should we examine to find the problem, and your help is greatly appreciated. Enter *2767*3855# with and accepted sim card if this codes fails, for accepted sim card insert below code:

Power up your gsm by connecting it to arduino's 5v and gnd (picture 3) 3.

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