Questions To Ask Tarot Cards About Yourself

If you want positive answers, you should ask positive questions. Not only are you opening yourself up to the messages of your cards, but you are also learning how to ask better questions.

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As you search for advice or insight on a certain aspect of your life, the cards are always able to help you.

Questions to ask tarot cards about yourself. Continue to use this practice as a way of listening to what the cards want to tell you, rather than what you’re looking for them to say to you. As you can see there are many worthwhile questions that you can ask the tarot cards. Shuffle and lay down the cards (face down) to see what they want to tell you.

They are there to help, guide you, and give accurate information. Don’t be afraid to ask your psychic or tarot reader for clarification during your reading. How to ask the best tarot questions.

Asking questions, the right way. Ask your tarot cards to tell you. Situational questions to ask tarot cards.

In case you are looking to formulate some constructive questions by yourself as well, i will now dive in to the best methods and techniques to phrase effective questions for your tarot cards. The questions you can ask the tarot are endless. If you aren’t sure yet what questions to ask for yourself, make a list of questions that you think you may want to ask.

This is an easy question to ask to get better clarity on just about anything going on in life! 6 questions to ask when you read for yourself. Keep in mind, these are questions i would ask the tarot.

To get accurate, specific, relevant, and transformative messages through tarot or oracle cards, we have to ask the right questions. 31 questions to ask your cards for personal growth. Before we get into specifics, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you choose which questions to ask the tarot.

You managed to form the questions perfectly. Ask about a situation you are already in, or one that you may see yourself in within the near future. Tarot cards are powerful tools, and each can be read in different ways.

It is tempting to ask about other people and what they think or feel, but you may not get the answers you want. Based on my experience with thousands of clients, i have compiled 33 exciting questions to ask tarot cards about love. Unfortunately, it’s really easy to head down a dark path with tarot cards.

Or, if you are reading your own tarot cards and you are left feeling confused, then ask the cards themselves for clarification. Any advice on this situation? But the best question is the one you truly need to have answered, so feel free to modify or adjust my questions to better suit your needs.

When you really, really want to know the answer to a probing question, it may feel like you need to. First of all, don’t ask tarot card questions when you are confused, angered or not anchored in the present moment. Say out loud or in your mind cards, i don’t understand.

Find a moment of stillness and peace so you can connect with the cards and then ask the question. So being strategic and choosing your questions carefully, is key! Below you will find a comprehensive list of 201 questions to ask the tarot, broken into different categories.

Asking these questions will ensure you get the best and most accurate answers. When it comes to tarot questions, it is super important to keep the questions focused on yourself. While it is often possible to ask questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no during a tarot reading, the tarot oftentimes gives us rather complex answers.

Meditate on the cards, before drawing any card, focus on what you want. For those of you who are simply looking for a springboard or ideas to ask a good question or a better question to your tarot cards, here is a list of questions and suggestions to help you get started:. For example, don’t ask “why can’t i find love?” — this is a surefire way to get a depressing reading.

What questions can you ask the tarot? I hope that my list of 101 tarot questions has provided you with some useful inspiration and input for your own readings. Tarot readers use these cards for a tarot reading to share the lessons the person being read needs to hear through their intuition and the drawn cards.

Therefore, all 101 examples of questions to ask the tarot cards. Whether you’re a tarot newbie or you’re trying to think of a question to ask during a tarot reading, my list below will give you some inspiration. 2 7 steps guide on how to do a tarot reading on yourself.

Because with better questions, come better answers! Preparing yourself to ask questions about love. I will definitely use these questions to ask my tarot cards and i am a writer anyway, so this is great inspiration!

This can be about any situation! I think we all know that doing a daily draw is a great way for beginners to learn tarot, for experienced readers to flex their tarot muscles every day, and to familiarize yourself with a new deck. Avoid asking the cards “yes” or “no” questions.

It’s always challenging for me to ask questions about myself…my life because i don’t feel i word them correctly when working with my tarot decks. But, it can get a little tedious asking the same question. And these questions cover all the stages of a relationship:

Don’t waste your time on things that you really don’t want to know. Focus on personal growth and spiritual wellbeing in the questions that you ask in a tarot reading.

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