Permanent Resident Card Category Codes W16

You can find a complete list of green card codes here. Combined manual issue date 09/2016.

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Symbols and coding used by dhs, dos and other agencies on immigration documents.

Permanent resident card category codes w16. A lawful permanent resident (lpr) or “green card” recipient may live and work anywhere in the united states and may apply to become u.s. Statistical = code in the data bases; W26 lpr who was previously an ltr.

245) to immigrant (legal permanent resident) status. Lawful permanent resident:uscis class codes 0010.18.15.03 What does the w16 visa category in permanent resident card means?

Complete list of green card categories. As a permanent resident or conditional permanent resident. Category is the immigrant visa category through which a foreign national was granted admission into the u.s.

22, 2000) international broadcasting bureau of A = adjustment (under sec. The codes w16, w26, w36, s16, and s26 designate aliens who legalized their status under the immigration reform and control act's amnesty programs;

As a legal permanent resident or as a conditional. This has nothing to do with asylum (people who ge. The format is (digit range:

The codes w16, w26, w36, s16, and s26 designate aliens who legalized their status under the immigration reform and control act's. 203(a)(2)(a) of the ina and 216 as added by pl 99‐ 639 (nov. The green card category code is used to describe the immigrant visa category that was used to admit an immigrant to the u.s.

They were barred for five years from receiving. 12/4/2013 lawful permanent resident (lpr) category codes class of admission ins status code initial ins status code sponsored y/n* description section of law bc8 la nr n (ibcb of bbg) child of bc6 sec. Citizen born in cambodia, korea, laos, thailand, or vietnam.

10, 1986) c22 immigrant step‐child (under 21 years of age) of a lawful permanent resident alien (subject to country limitations). The category number is printed next to the uscis # on the front side of the green card below the word “category.”. W16 lpr who was previously an ltr.

The computer and human readable signature at the bottom is not. The category on the green card or lawful permanent resident(lpr) card is nothing but the category code under which your green card was issued. Spouse of a lawful permanent resident alien (subject to country limitations).

This field is also known as class of admission. Class of admission under the immigrant laws, codes symbol: Document = code on documents.

Automatic 180 ead extension for a03, a05, a07, a08, a10, c08, c09, c10, c16, c20, c22, c24, c31 and a12 or c19. The alphabetical letter(s) in the class codes represent the latest revision of the various classes while the numerical figure reflects the order and relationship within the class. Many are unaware of what the category on the green card mean.

Uscis issues an ead card for unrestricted employment in the usa. Uscis ead category codes for h4, l2 ead. These codes make it easier for immigration officials to determine whether the alien presenting the document is eligible for a given public benefit.

The experienced immigration attorneys at antonini & cohen have been successfully helping our clients with green card codes and other immigration issues for the past 25 years. This code can be found on your card, and it is typically one or two letters followed by a number. The immigration and nationality act (ina) provides several broad classes of admission for foreign nationals to gain lpr status, the largest of which focuses on

Citizens if they meet certain eligibility and admissibility requirements. A11 unmarried amerasian son or daughter of a u.s. 203 (d) of the ina and 204 (g) as added by.

Uscis employment authorization card ead category codes. The class codes listed below are those given to immigrants applying for lawful permanent resident (lpr) status. W36 lpr who was previously an ltr.

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