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Since both of these are employment based (eb) visas, unless you are an exceptional specialty worker coming with national interest waiver under eb1 category, your wait time is about 10 years under today’s conditions. The process of going from h1b to a green card is a tad complex, and the procedure will take some planning.

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If you are interested in staying in the us, you should start the process of applying for your green card sooner rather than later.

H1b to green card indian. Another indian family fell apart over the green card logjam while waiting for legal permanent residency in the us. Us green card for anybody or everybody including indians on h1b, l1, f1, or b1/b2 visa. Hello, i just got my h1b approved and would like to file for green card through my employer sponsorship.

But, politics is all about votes. These fees are paid in part by an h1b visa holder’s employer, but also in part by the visa holder himself. Probably 10 years from now, it.

H1b to green card , indian software engineer. They are essentially flooding the it market with cheap labor. I have lived in usa for last 18 years now.

His untimely demise has left his wife and two children vulnerable to deportation from the us as they have been rendered out of the h4 dependent status. A high skilled immigrant worker hopes to make life and wait patiently in the green card queue. No eb5 or marriage based gc in this scheme.

The h1b program was never meant to support this model. All h1b holders born in india, if they hav. A short intro about me:

His favorites are democrats as they usually are heard talking about immigrants in news and on tv. Massive backlogs this quota causes a significant backlog of indians hoping. This is a continuous tussle an indian goes through due to the complex us green card and visa system.

Posted by 11 months ago. More than 50% of the h1b and green card petitions are made by these companies. My eb2 green card filled in mid 2010 just became current.

That was because of covid related underuse of green card in other categories last year. I tried going through other posts on this sub for more information but couldn't find much. Guaranteed gc within 30 months.

It does not matter if you are in eb2 or eb3 queue as per their claim. As covid continues to impact every aspect of work and life, it has recently given welcome relief to a small group of people. H1b to green card , indian software engineer.

Below is a breakdown of the fees required to make the transition from an h1b visa to a. These expenses are paid to a limited extent by an h1b visa holder’s manager, yet in addition to some degree by the visa holder himself. All they do is flood the market with indian consultants who are then placed as contractors in american companies.

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