Galaxy S7 Sim Card Tray Stuck

And this is how you can access the sim slot on the galaxy s7: Basically the stupid cheap flimsy plastic sim tray for my s7 broke in half, leaving the sim card stuck inside the phone the microsd made it out fine.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Insert Sim Card Problem Solution Jumper Ways Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7

Applying pressure doesn't seem to work, and i don't want to push too hard in case i break the metal key thing.

Galaxy s7 sim card tray stuck. Sim card tray won't eject. My sim card tray got stuck, opens only partly. Groove jet guaranteed this has been covered 1000 times.

I have tried every recommendation made for hours.i cannot see the sim card, but know it. I was transferring data and large sd cards between a n8, a desire hd, and the new note 2. I dropped my s7 the other day, making a small dent in the corner of the sim card tray.

Announced february 2016 and released on march 11. Nts add a public comment. I did this once with my galaxy s7 and i tried getting the sim tray out but it snapped and got stuck and the sim reader broke inside so i had to pay to repair it instead of just going to the service center to get it removed for free.

This means that when removing it is going to require steady constant pressure and maybe even a little wiggling. I just wanna clarify summit. You use sewing needle, that you heat up with a lighter or candle, and you insert this needle in the stuck simcard as deep as you can, and wait 2 sec before trying to.

Sim/microsd slot not opening on s7 edge. I had the same problem, but i solved it, my sister put a full size sim card without the tray, so the solution to this problem is : Put sim card into slot 1 (the smaller one) with metal part facing downwards.

This is the general layout of the sim card and microsd card tray: How to remove a stuck sim in samsung galaxy s7 edge. I just got a galaxy note 2.

It would come out a little way, but something was stopping it coming fully out. I’m trying to push the sim card tray back into this device when empty and it doesn’t quite fit all the way inside the device. Sim and sd card tray is half broken inside my phone and it won't come out.

I was super excited to receive my galaxy tab s7+ in the mail today. I'd rather not return the device, since the store doesn't have the phone in stock and thus it will have to be sent back to. s7 sim tray got hooked on summit inside phone.

It had a sim card in it also. It fits snugly into the phone. It also applies to micro sim and nano sim cards pushed into slots for larger sims.

If i do have to open the phone will the guide on how to remove a stuck sim card inserted without the tray be used for my issue? Keep in mind that you cannot use the 2nd slot for a sim and microsd simultaneously. I can do this myself easily, but i dont want to ruin the waterproofing or go through the hassle if i can avoid it

It gets about as far as the picture here: Now when i try to eject it (to retrieve my memory card), it wont pop open. I have faced the same problem and i managed to get the sim out without removing the back.

Same as in airplane mode it gets hot and restarts all the time. I’ve pushed and pushed on this delicate piece of plastic as much as i dare, but the top won’t go flush. Some regions have dual sim!

Insert the ejection pin (in your galaxy s7 box) into the hole of galaxy s7 sim card tray. Is there another trick to getting it out or do i need to get it serviced? How to remove a stuck sim in the tray.

But a few days ago i got a new phone and wanted to keep the s7 for some messangers and removed the sim card to only use it with wifi, that worked fine for a day or two and then the same problem occured. I purchased a 128 gb micro sd card to add as expandable memory. I have an s7 that the sim tray broke and a piece is stuck in the slot of the phone.

Tried applying pressure, different angles, etc. I know the proper way is the take the phone apart and then pry it out. See pic, tray is broken at bottom and broken piece is inside the phone.

Please refer to galaxy s7 layout page if you are not sure about the location. I can't find a solution online. I don't have insurance and would hate to break any parts.

If you inserted a big sim in the tray and without removing the cover. When i go to use the provided sim card tool it doesn't work, no matter what angle i use it at it won't open, i end up scraping the tray up because of the pressure used. Galaxy tab s7+sd card tray not opening/stuck.

I accidentally put a 32gb msd card into the sim slot on my wife's old n8 that we were trying to extract all the old data from. I am trying to take out sd card. Is there any conventional way to open the slot?

Pull out galaxy s7 sim card tray gently from the sim card slot. I got a galaxy s7 edge about two weeks ago and when i went to put a microsd card in it, i noticed the little metal tool will not go in the small hole all the way. Apr 13, 2015 at 10:26 am.

Is there a way i can fish it out without opening the phone? I'm inserting the provided pin into the hole next to the tray, i'm almost completely sure i'm not doing something wrong. Other than that it´s working fine.

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