Can You Combine Two Visa Gift Cards

I was thinking of getting a game that coats $59.99 in my country. I just used two gift cards (one for.

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Can i combine two gift cards to have the mixed amount?

Can you combine two visa gift cards. Will paypal allow me to use both of the gift cards at once to pay for the product? When the egift card arrives, you can start over. Payments cannot be split between multiple debit / credit / prepaid cards and/or bank accounts.

I want to buy total war: One way to convert visa gift cards to cash is to use them like cash. I’ve always chosen the prepaid visa card because i don’t want to be forced to buy only on amazon.

You can split a payment between ebay gift card (s) and another funding source in your paypal account. If you don't already have a shopping account, create one on Feb 9, 2015 @ 2:27pm use them to add steam funds to your wallet.

Give them out as gifts. Unfortunately, you can't transfer all of those little balances together to one card. When that happens, there are two ways to quickly get an egift card to use:

Once logged in, you should be able to scroll down on the checkout page & apply your ebay gift cards in the redemption code box ( one at a time). In theory, you could use the $11.50 first, then pay the remainder with one of the other cards, but most places won't let you split payments like that. So now i'm looking to combine the 2 cards into a $150 prepaid visa card.

Enter the amount left on the card into the box labeled amount. So what you can do is use your visa debit to buy a $30 amazon gc, add that to your account, and now you can use that $30, plus a secondary form of payment. Atilla, however, i do not have enough money on one card alone.

Although you cannot combine the balances on your various visa gift cards onto one gift card, you can pay with more than one funding source. I recently connected two prepaid gift cards to my online wallet and plan to buy an item that would use up both of the gift cards. Is there a way for me to pay with two cards at once?

So i decided to get a $60 xbox gift card, but i realised that my country only sells $20, $50, and $100 gift cards, so i decided to get a $50 and $20 gift card. My paypal balance is zero. Online merchants can’t split a payment across multiple cards.

You can split payments, and nobody judges you because most prepaid cards are actually gift cards. Grab one of your gift cards and call the # on the card (or use the web) to check the balance left on the card. If you are asking about then using a credit / debit card or bank account via your paypal account, it cannot be done.

Just check to make sure there isn't a limit. If not, what would i have to do to pay for the item? Most stores let you use multiple gift cards and combine them with another payment (such as another visa prepaid card or credit card).

Empty the cart and start over when the total purchase is greater than the value of the gift card, one solution is to cancel the items in your cart and buy an egift card instead. I soon ran into two problems though: Most of the other options will cost you some money.

Go to the gift cards page on and select and email gift card. Unless they’re all small, it’s going to be difficult as the most common limits are $500 🙁 if they’re all random amounts. That means you can’t use a visa gift card at an atm nor can you take it to a cash register and ask for “cash back.” i have tried it myself to see if it will work, but the transaction declines every time.

There is a way to consolidate your gift cards [american express, visa, mastercard, etc.] of $1.00 or more into one usable amount. In exchange, they award you $10 in the form of an amazon gift card or a prepaid visa card. They just think you have generous friends.

We mentioned things like using them to pay bills, but you can also give them as a present. Feb 9, 2015 @ 4:24pm. So when you ask them to charge 77 cents to the card, you're essentially asking they give half of it to visa/mc.

Yes, you read that correctly! Can i buy a game using multiple visa gift cards? During checkout, select paypal as your payment method, then log in to your account.

For instance, if you know your visa gift card balance is below $10.00, you may have a hard time using that balance to complete a purchase entirely on that card. You can request money on paypal to another email and use. But you can only use one visa, mc, amex, discover gift card during checkout.

So if you want to buy something that's $15, you're out of luck. Find a willing merchant that will sell you another one with as many partial payments as necessary, using the old cards to pay. Walmart, for instance, only allows 4 gift cards per order.

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